Model : Fairy ep-F41
Colors : Black, White

Designed for : iPhone and other smart phone

Silvertec Ceramics Professional Stereo Earphone

  • Active Noise Reductions.(note: not active noise-cancelling just a passive isolation)
  • Superb original Silvertec Hi-Fi stereo sound.
  • Super high density ceramic housing withstands heavy-duty use.
  • Professional speaker design with ultra-wide bandwidth, low bass sound driver for superior accuracy.
  • Super high density ceremic housing construction cancels unwanted resonance and distortion for purest sound quality.


Assort ment : Stereo Earphone.
Speaker Power : 2mw.
Maximum Input Power : 10mw.
Net Weight : Approximately 15 grams.
Impedance : 10Ω (at 1KHZ 1mw).

Sound Pressure Level: 93dB (at 1KHZ 1mw).
Polarity: Channel drive with same polarity.
Level Difference: Within 3dB (at 1KHZ, 1mW).
Operation Temperature: 10 ~ 50 celcius.
Storage Temperature : -10 ~ 50 celcius.
Driver : 6mm speaker dynamical driver

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